Expert Bail Bonds Appraiser

Empire Appraisal Group, Inc., is a family orientated business that assists homeowners in need of posting bail.  We understand the importance of moving quickly in order return home as soon as possible and the trauma this experience can create.  An appraisal is often required to determine collateral for a bail, immigration bond, or some type of custody.  We offer  ‘Rush Services’  because when real estate is offered as security, you need to know what a property is worth, and you need to know it fast.

Empire Appraisal Group places a high priority on bail bond appraisals, stopping all other immediate work in progress and rescheduling appointments in order to devote all of our resources to your immediate needs.  The company will discreetly and confidentially allocate our services to ensure privacy, working quickly and diligently to provide the best possible experience.  Our Chief Appraiser, Daniel Lindeman, has extensive experience in working with local bail bond companies as well as a large number of local law firms regarding bail bond proceedings.

Call Empire Appraisal Group directly with any questions concerning any matters relating to bail bond appraisals at 561-441-9298. Check out the ‘Reviews’ page for recommendation from our clients.