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Empire Appraisal Group is the leading appraisal company in South Florida.  We cover all neighborhoods in Miramar, including Silver Falls and Vizcaya.  We are expert Miramar appraisers.
01/30/2015:  Year over year single family home in Silver Falls and Vizcaya have appreciated 6.25%.  The median price in 2014 was $297,500 and 2013 was $260,000.  The median days on market over the past 12 months has been 44 days. Please contact Empire Appraisal Group at 561-441-9298 for all your residential appraisal needs in Miramar.  Our chief appraiser, Daniel Lindeman is a state certified residential appraiser and has completed over 6,500 appraisals in South Florida (Broward and Palm Beach).

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We provide accurate home values utilizing the most recent comparables in your neighborhood. Home price graphs are included in every appraisal report and regression analysis is used to calculate all adjustments.

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