The “Empire” Difference

The “Empire” Difference

Set Apart

What separates Empire Appraisal Group from other area appraisers is:

  • Our experience, Daniel Lindeman, our chief appraiser has 15 years’ experience and has completed over 8,000 appraisals in South Florida. Daniel was also named an Extraordinary Appraiser by Solidifi (a national appraisal management company) for the past 3 years in a row.
  • Our quality appraisal reports, we utilize regression analysis technologies and market analysis graphing which leads to more accurate and reliable appraisals.
  • Our commitment to value your time! We arrive on time to every appraisal appointment.
  • Our turn time is the best in the industry! We have systems in place that allow us to complete full appraisal reports within 24 hours of the appraisal inspection.

We also take a different approach to “non-lender” assignments (Divorces, FSBO’s, Estates, Trusts, Etc.). We take the time to help people who are unfamiliar with appraisal and real estate terms understand the reports.  Most appraisers will measure and photograph the property and ask a few questions.  The follow-up consists only of an email with a PDF file of the appraisal report, with no explanations. Our approach to these same assignments involves two consultations for the benefit of the client.  During the first consultation, the initial inspection includes an informal interview with the homeowner, discussing expectations and explaining the appraisal process specific to their property assessment.  Any items of concern in the investigation are addressed during this initial consultation.  Once the report has been completed, I offer a second consultation to discuss the following:

  • Appraisal report layout and where to find the most valuable information
  • A detailed explanation of the charts and graphs that I have added to the report discussing the current market conditions and property value trends in their neighborhood which directly affect my value conclusion. These charts not only show an overall view of the median sales price trends but give an indication of the current housing supply market. Explanations are given for the impact of any undersupply or oversupply of housing stock on their home value.
  • How regression analysis is utilized to determine adjustments.
  • Direct feedback for any concerns or questions as a result of the appraisal, ensuring that the appraisal and valuation portion of the process is as stress-free and easy to comprehend as possible

These consultation services provided during our appraisal process is what our clients have appreciated the most, setting Empire Appraisal Group above other providers in customer satisfaction. At a time when everyone is in a hurry to move on to the next job, we think it is important that you find someone who will takes their time and makes sure all of your questions have been answered.