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Relocation Appraisal

Empire Appraisal Group, Inc is proud to offer Relocation Appraisal Services to Broward County, starting at $575.  Daniel Lindeman, our chief appraiser, recently completed the training program with Worldwide ERC.

What is a Relocation Appraisal?  According to the Appraisal Institute:

The value of your home never remains the same.  Its value today is probably not the same as when you bought it, and it probably won’t be the same a year from now. As a result, your employer or a relocation company may obtain one or more appraisals to assess the anticipated sales price of your home in connection with your move. Sometimes an average of two or more appraised values is utilized (depending on the company’s policy) and an additional appraisal might be undertaken if there is any significant discrepancy. A relocation appraisal is an estimate of the anticipated sales price at which your home will sell in the current market within a reasonable length of time, based on what appraisers call the sales comparison analysis. The appraiser inspects your home, analyzes the factors that influence the market, and reaches a value conclusion.

Marketing time depends on the conditions in your community, but the definition of anticipated sales price indicates “a reasonable marketing period, not to exceed 120 days and commencing on the date of appraisal (inspection), is allowed for exposure on the open market.”

Appraisals for relocation and refinancing are each completed for a different intended use. Each appraisal is based on a different definition of value, with its own specific guidelines that affect the development of the valuation.

The relocation appraisal is based on an anticipated sale of the property during a defined, reasonable marketing period and the analysis considers what market trends and conditions may impact the property while it is exposed for sale. The mortgage appraisal is based only on a retrospective analysis of past sales transactions and reflects normal market conditions.

Relocation appraisals are different than traditional appraisal.  Here is a link provided by the Worldwide ERC which notes some of the differences:

Relocation Appraisal Versus Traditional Appraisal Comparison Chart


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About Empire Appraisal Group, Inc.

Establish in 2005, Empire Appraisal Group, Inc., is Broward County’s leading residential appraisal company as a result of their accurate and reliable appraisals, excellent customer service, and quick turn times.  When working with an appraiser, integrity and professionalism are essential, and Empire Appraisal Group has a well-established reputation for providing the best appraisal experience.  Daniel Lindeman, the Chief Appraiser, is considered one of the top property appraisers in Florida, with nearly 15 years of expertise and 7,000+ appraisals to his credit. We ‘specialize’ in helping people who need appraisals for estate purposes, divorce, bankruptcy, FSBO’s and more.

We also work closely with realtors to help establish listing prices, these pre-listing appraisals ensures sellers get top dollar for their home.

In addition, to homes of all shapes and sizes, we also appraise condos, multifamily homes, boat docks, land, as well as specialty properties. No job is too big or too small, from manufactured homes to mansions.

Call Empire Appraisal Group directly with any questions concerning your real estate values at 561-441-9298.  Also, check out our ‘Reviews’ page and see what others are saying about Daniel Lindeman and Empire Appraisal Group, Inc.


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